Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules

1 / The hotel provides services according to its definition of category and class.
2 / The hotel is only authorised to accommodate properly registered guests. Guests are obliged to show a valid proof of identity and sign an accommodation card upon arrival. They then receive their room keys.
3 / The hotel may, in special cases, offer guests alternative accommodation. However, such accommodation will not be substantially different from the confirmed order.
4 / On the basis of an unconfirmed order, the hotel reserves the room until 4 pm, unless agreed otherwise.
5 / In the event that a guest ordered a single room and the hotel confirmed this order, the guest will only be charged the price of a single room even if they are accommodated in a larger room.
6 / If it is not possible to extend a stay in the room that the guest was given upon arrival, the hotel may offer a different room.
7 / The hotel is responsible for guests’ property and liable for damage to their things provided they were stored in the designated place or at a place which is usually used for such storage. The hotel assumes responsibility for money and valuables only if they are placed in the safe-deposit box in the room. The hotel’s liability is limited.
8 / Hotel lounges are available for guests’ visitors. Guests may receive visitors in the accommodation area between 8 am and 10 pm with the receptionist’s consent upon recording the visit in the hotel guestbook. Only accommodated guests can access the accommodation area outside these times.
9 / The hotel provides medical help in the event of a guest’s illness or injury. The guest shall pay the fees related to the transport and treatment with the exception of events whereby the hotel is responsible for the guest’s illness or injury.
10 / Any guests who check-in before 6 am will be charged for the whole preceding night.
11 / Guests may not move furniture in the rooms or in the lounges without the consent of the hotel management.
12 / Guests may not use their own electrical appliances in the hotel. This does not apply to appliances designed for personal hygiene (hair dryers, electric razors etc.), to computers (laptops) and to chargers for information technology equipment and small electronic devices (laptops, cameras).
13 / For safety reasons, children under 10 years of age may not be left without adult supervision in the rooms or other areas of the hotel. Adults are fully responsible for any damage caused by children.
14 / Guests are not allowed to keep sports equipment and other things that are supposed to be stored in the storage room in their rooms.
15 / Dogs and other pets may stay in the room provided that their owner presents an animal medical certificate. Dogs and other pets must not go on hotel beds or other furniture and they are also not allowed to enter the restaurant. Guests will be charged a fee according to the current price list.
16 / Guests are obliged to observe silent hours between 10 pm and 7 am.
17 / Guests are liable for damage to the hotel’s property.
18 / Guests must check out before 12 o’clock on the last day of their stay, unless agreed otherwise. If this limit is exceeded, the guest will be charged an extra fee for ‘day use of the room’, or the fee for another whole day’s stay.
19 / Before leaving their room, guests must turn off the water taps, close the windows, turn off the room lights and close the room door. They must hand in their keys to reception upon check-out.
20 / Guests pay for accommodation and services at the end of their stay according to the current price list.  In the event of a long-term stay, guests are obliged to pay their bills at least once a week. All guests must properly check out and settle their bills before leaving.
21 / Information on the prices of hotel services is available at reception.
22 / The hotel management welcomes any suggestions for improvement and is also grateful for any constructive criticism.
23 / Guests are obliged to familiarise themselves with the Accommodation Rules. If the Accommodation Rules are breached, the hotel management has the right to terminate the guest’s stay prior to the originally agreed leaving date.

These Accommodation Rules are valid from 20th April 2016
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Dear guests,

Grandhotel Salva is permanently closed since March 6, 2022.

It was a great pleasure for us to be able to renovate the historical building U Černého orla (The Black Eagle) and turn it into a hotel again, which reconnected the building with a tradition that goes all the way back to 1715. We would like to thank you for all the times you chose our hotel stayed with us when visiting the royal town of Litoměřice.

The Grandhotel Salva team